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It's just a simple fact. When fun loving people with fond memories and good live music are brought together, you have all the ingredients for a party where the end result can be summed up as a good time was had by all! If the music is right, people just can't resist tapping their feet, swaying to the tempo of the music or, singing along if the mood strikes them. Be the music oldies but goodies, country ballads, a polka, waltz or the theme song from any one of countless hit TV shows, when it's "live" and the audience becomes involved, the enjoyment meter hits the top! Such is the magic of music in creating a mood of joy and celebration in audiences of all ages... and that's what musical entertainment provided by Virgil Baker is all about! A good time being had by all!

A composer, promoter, singer/song writer, and "achievement" inductee into the Michigan Music Hall of Fame, his "family-friendly" music repertoire has come to be one that both young and old alike not only appreciate, but actively seek out, as evidenced by his "following" throughout the Midwest.

As a solo artist, he has shared the stage with the likes of America's Polka King--the late, great Frankie Yankovic, Canada's Polka King Walter Ostanek, The Four Tops and The Coasters, in addition to numerous less known but equally talented entertainers. His interactive style of entertainment and appeal to groups of all ages has led to ongoing appearances at The Bavarian Inn's Fischer Platz in Frankenmuth, Michigan, a/k/a Michigan's Little Bavaria.

The Just 4 Fun Band, which he founded in the 1980's, has also earned the admiration and respect of countless dancers from Ontario to Florida, Nevada to Tennessee and those residing at many stops in between. The band has appeared at casinos in Nevada and Michigan; Branson, Missouri; and countless Oktober Fests, as well as county fairs and fund-raisers throughout the Midwest.

As the name implies, the band loves to make music and entertain. While the music venue includes everything from swing to country to 50's - 60's rock and roll, it has developed a solid reputation with the polka & waltz dance crowd. Although the band has a definite Slovenian / Cleveland Style leaning, you are just as apt to hear the polish styling of Eddie B, Lil' Wally or the slower polka beat reminiscent of Whoopee John & The Six Fat Dutchmen.

If you'd like to have the upbeat sounds of The Just 4 Fun Band with you at home, or in your car while you travel, work or play, visit our Recordings Page. One of our CD's is sure to brighten your day and put a smile on your face. 

For your next event, why not contact Virgil Baker? As a solo act, or with the entire Just 4 Fun Band, Music, Memories..& More is great way to give your audience a taste of some of the best family orientated musical entertainment around...and at a price that won't bust your budget either!

For Bookings Contact:
Virgil Baker
6869 N. Poplar Rd.
Free Soil, MI   49411

       virgil_baker@sbcglobal.net      616-706-0347

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